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Team division

Minister: Zhang Chengyong

Presided over full work. In charge of comprehensive science, party school.

Deputy Minister: Xu Mei

To assist the work of the Minister, in charge of organizational building, party members development, veteran work, etc .; in charge of the organization, veteran, to assist the Minister in charge of party school.

Vice Minister: Xu Qiuyun

Assist the minister in the work, in charge of cadres, personnel work, Party building work. In charge of cadres, cadres and personnel records, to assist the Minister in charge of comprehensive science, party school.

In the case of

Functional department duties and staffing arrangements

Comprehensive Section: responsible for party building and precision poverty alleviation work, responsible for the organization of party style and clean government building, target assessment, daily affairs, responsible for seal management, document delivery, information dissemination, financial logistics. Party committee to assume the research function.

Responsible person: Long Jinfeng

Staff: Li Xiaoxue

Organization Section: responsible for the construction of grassroots party organizations and party members team building work, party organizations, party members statistics and party fees collection, management use, turned over and other work; responsible for the party activists training and join the party activists team building, Our school's actual development of party members work plan, supervise and guide the party's general branch, the party branch to do a regular development of party members and the use of party fees management and so on. Responsible for Party School Party Members and Party Cadres Training Function.

Deputy Chief: Zhang Lei

Staff: Rukai

Cadre Branch: responsible for the selection and training of cadres, training, supervision, assessment of the specific affairs of the work, responsible for the college cadre selection, assessment and management. Assume the cadre training functions above the school level.

Responsible person: Yuan Hongjun

Cadre personnel file section: responsible for the cadre of the cadre personnel file archiving, finishing, review and other work; timely registration of cadre personnel changes, fill the cadre personnel account card; do a good job of file security and confidential work.

Staff: Sun Xianxiu

Lao Ganke: responsible for the formulation of the annual work plan of Lao Ganke, and organize the implementation; responsible for veteran letters and visits, daily service work, the organization of veteran cadres to carry out activities of physical and mental, coordinated handling of the old cadres to reflect the specific problems.

Chief: Wang Xin

In the case of

Main job functions of the organization:

1, responsible for the party organization. According to the party's line, principles, policies and the decision of the party committee, establish and improve the inner-party life system, investigate and study the organization of the party's work, put forward the implementation of the party's organizational work specific measures.

2, the development of party building work plan, implement the party building work policy system, carry out party building work research.

3, responsible for the management of party organizations and party members throughout the school, to guide the construction of grassroots party organizations, check the implementation of the "three sessions of a lesson" system, carry out "A Good" activities, good party members and cadres of education and training.

4. To guide and inspect all party organizations at the grassroots level to strengthen the training of the party members to carry out inspection work, to do a good job of reviewing the work of receiving new party members and preparing party members.

5, with the provincial Party Committee Organization Department, do the provincial cadre annual assessment work.

6, strengthen the leadership team construction, in accordance with the party and the "party and government leading cadres selection and appointment of work regulations" requirements, and actively implement the cadre system reform. Do a good job at the level of cadre training, assessment, selection and appointment and education and training, supervision work.

7, responsible for the level of reserve cadre team building, development and implementation of reserve cadres to build specific programs, do a good job of assessment and adjustment work.

8, to guide the sub-party (party branch) training, assessment, appointment and education management level cadres.

9, with the Commission for Discipline Inspection do a good job of party discipline and serious work. Accept the party members, cadres of the representations, reception for the party members, cadres, letters and visits, coordination with the relevant departments to deal with.

10, received outside the transfer, dealing with reciprocating letter, responsible for the transfer of organizational relations.

11, according to the provisions of the higher ranks of the whole school to do the collection, management and use of party newspapers and the collection and distribution of work.

12, do a good job to go abroad and other government work.

Thirteen, do the whole school staff cadre personnel file work.

14, do a good job in the village cadres to send, assessment, education management.

15, do the party school run, management and so on.

16, to complete the higher party organization and school leaders assigned to other work.