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Party Committee Office
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Presided over the party and government office to work in full, in charge of secretarial branch, affairs section. Responsible for comprehensive coordination, national security confidentiality, reception, vehicle management and send and receive work

deputy director:Wang Mei

Assist director of work, in charge of comprehensive section, things Division (including the team). Responsible for the business, statistics, petition, telecommunications, seal management

deputy director:Sun Xiangyang

To assist the work of the director, in charge of the secretarial section, inspection section. Specifically responsible for the Office, supervision and supervision, external publicity, website management

The main job responsibilities of the organization

Presided over the party committee office full work. To lead the staff of the department to do a good job within the scope of the work, and strive to improve work efficiency, to ensure the quality of work, on time to complete the work tasks, give full play to the functions of party and government office, better work for the hospital party committee, , Teaching work, etc. do a good job

Presided over the preparation of the hospital party committee work plan, work summary and other hospital important documents, materials, drafting and review.

leadership inspection, supervise the departments, departments to implement the college resolutions, decisions, work plans and higher authorities issued a special task. Coordinate doing cross - sectoral work. And to check the problems found in the treatment of comments and suggestions to the party leadership report

Organization of the department staff to do a good job within the office of foreign affairs, reception work. On the relevant departments of the hospital some important reception work, if there is a need, to cooperate with

Organization of the departments concerned to do national security, confidentiality, petition, information, statistics and archives work. Coordinate the relevant departments to do a good job of information network construction and operation, to ensure the smooth flow of information, timely reporting of important information

Improve the internal management system of the department, strengthen the team building, organize the cadres and workers of the department's political and business learning, do a good job of cadres, workers ideological and political work and professional ethics education. Organization of the department cadres, staff assessment and evaluation of the first assessment and so on

Responsible for the preparation of various important meetings and related activities of the Party committees, strengthen the organization and coordination, and ensure the smooth progress of the meetings and related activities.

Organize the staff of this department to do research and information collection, collation and compilation work

Organize the staff of the department to complete other duties within the scope of the duties of the party and government office. Complete other work assigned by the school leaders