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About the University

Tongren University, whose predecessor was Tongren Mingde Middle School founded in 1920, which is a full-time common undergraduate university approved by the Ministry of Education on February 14th, 2006. This university has been granted bachelor's degree- colleges and universities Qualification in 2010 .

It covers 514,000 square meters, which has the building area of 306,000 square meters.At present,we are working to accelerate the construction of the new campus of Chuandong adit , and Striving to implement the overall relocation by 2014.

This university now has 771 faculty members, 448 full-time teachers, 282 teachers with senior titles, among whom are 36 professors, and 62 external teachers involving 2 foreign teachers. 2 expert enjoying government allowances,4 experts are in charged under the control of local management.

Tongren university has 12 apartments at present, It broadly concerning literary, science, techniques. For the purpose of perfecting the infrastructure, cultivate talent people best adapted to the fast--changing society as well as setting the relations with economic society, we are trying hard and believe we are already on the path .Till now, our university has had 35 majors to choose. Besides, we are focusing on the transition from college-centered education to university centered one and developing to a comprehensive local special university including teacher teaching and non-teacher teaching developing. There are modern teaching experimental facilities, including Network Centre, Computer Centre, Multimedia classrooms, microteaching classrooms, language labs, physics labs, biology labs, chemistry labs etc.

Here set up Cultural Research Centre of Eastern Guizhou, Characters’ Library of Eastern Guizhou and Paintings and Calligraphy Gallery of Eastern Guizhou. It acts as Guizhou Test Centre of the National Computer Rank Examination and the National English Level Testing, qualified teachers’ training and examination site, primary and middle school principals’ training site, teachers’ nurturing and training site, tourism training base and other talented people’s nurturing and training of Tongren Prefecture.

It has been recognized as “National civilized Unit” by the National Civilization Office and called by the People’s Government of Guizhou Province as a “School of Civilization” many times.

We hold the strategy –education quality based, scientific study flourished, talent-enhanced extremely high promote the connotation of education .we make efforts to advance the big three construction as well as pay equal attention between the college and university, between education and scientific research ,between quality and quantity. Though our university is located in northern Guizhou province, it enrolls students from all over china. we have only one mission that is to foster graduates fitted t the society and serve the nation .by long--time hardworking ,it has become the “talent base” of the strategy of west development and the “education and science boosting Tongren plan ”.

This university has increased the intensity of cooperation with universities and enterprises at home and abroad,which has tens of thousands of various talented people have been trained and nurtured here, most of whom have become the backbone of the local economic construction and social development, having made great contributions to the local economic construction.