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The propaganda department
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Leadership division and telephone number

Minister: Ye Dan

Phone: 0856-5228152

Presided over the propaganda department.

Deputy Minister: Guo Ming

Office Phone: 0856-5230977

Responsible for internal and external propaganda work, in charge of publicity, cultural development center.

Deputy Minister: Yang Xueli

Office Phone: 0856-5230977

Responsible for the news agency related work, in charge of theory, spiritual civilization construction office.

The main job responsibilities of the organization

Responsible for the theoretical study and training of teachers and students. Organize teachers and students to systematically study Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought and the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and study the party's line, principles and policies. Provide timely reference materials.

Responsible for the publicity work. Do a good job in the hospital propaganda work, adhere to the theory of armed people, with the correct guidance of public opinion, with a noble spirit of shaping people, with excellent works inspire people. Do a good job in external propaganda work, strengthen ties with the community, especially the news media, make full use of various opportunities and forms, to the community widely publicized the reform and development of the school, expand the social impact of the college, shaping the college good image.

We will formulate the political theory study plan of the study group of the hospital-level center group, and assist the party committee to do a good job in studying the political theory of the hospital-level center study group, and constantly improve the theoretical quality and ideological and political quality of the leading members.

Responsible for the ideological and political work of teachers and students. Often in-depth grass-roots level, investigation and study, timely grasp of party members and cadres and teachers and students of the ideological situation, carefully carry out comprehensive analysis and research, put forward the corresponding measures to report to the party. Organize relevant departments and seminars, study the major theoretical issues, and constantly explore new ways to strengthen and improve ideological and political work under the new methods, new ways, and timely exchange and promotion.

Strengthen the guidance of the construction of spiritual civilization, with the relevant departments to carry out a wide range of spiritual civilization to create, quality education, morality education, law propaganda and education and a variety of campus cultural activities, timely publicity advanced model.

We will strengthen the management of public opinion positions such as school newspapers, job briefings and various publications, school associations and school publicity windows, strengthen the propaganda and public opinion work, and create a civilized and healthy campus culture atmosphere.

Complete the other tasks assigned by the party committee.