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Director Zhang Huiping: Office Tel: 0856-5223394 full charge of the editorial department of journal work.

The main work of institutional responsibilities

NO、1 resolutely implement the publishing policies and policies of the party and the state, abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the publishing work, and run the journal according to law

NO、2 strengthen the editorial department of journal staff political learning, enhance political acumen, grasp the correct political direction and guidance of public opinion.

NO、3 strengthen the editors of the business of learning, and actively participate in national, provincial professional knowledge and editing business learning and education, and actively carry out scientific research, and constantly improve the level of professional knowledge and editing business ability and level of mastery, trial, knowledge and skills in school, reduce the editing error, eliminate knowledge type, common sense type errors.

NO、4 according to the quality and evaluation requirements of the relevant national periodicals, improve the rules and regulations of the Journal

NO、5 according to the work plan of school development planning, formulation of the editorial department of journal annual soliciting plan, semester work plan, long-term development plan.

NO、6 actively participate in school related professional academic activities, always pay attention to teaching and research progress of the development level of research, understand the relevant professional situation and subject research frontier, timely display the school teaching and scientific research achievements, and strive to improve the academic level of play a role in the window, improve the Journal in the academic circles of influence.

NO、7 according to the journal's purpose, publication idea, set up the characteristic column, making topic planning, do contribution registration, review, draft, editing, printing, distribution and other row of school management.

NO、8 the organization of famous manuscripts, the formation of high quality manuscripts.

NO、9 strengthen the editorial department of journal and the competent department of academic evaluation mechanism, brothers journal, magazine, post office and printing and other business relations, to create a good external environment for the development of.

NO、10 complete the master 、Bo paper and other non Journal of text data text copy detection ratio.