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The leadership of the division and telephone number

Director Liang Chengai: Office Tel: 0856-8121310 full charge of library work, in charge of the comprehensive management of resources, construction of modern science and technology, the local department, specifically responsible for the comprehensive management work.

Deputy director: Li Jiayou office telephone: 0856-8121780 assists the curator, and is responsible for the management of the archives, the reference service and the reader service department

The main work of institutional responsibilities

NO、1 Unswervingly implement the party's line, principles, policies, fully implement the "People's Republic of China higher education law, conscientiously carry out the education function and the information function. Give full play to study in the school library personnel training, science, social service and cultural inheritance in the.

NO、2 according to the school teaching, scientific research, organization planning and construction of library literature information, completes the literature budget and the use of the bidding work, there are plans to focus on doing literature construction work, timely classification, into the hall of literature cataloging work, and gradually formed a collection system with the characteristics of for the teaching, scientific research, provide literature support.

NO、3 according to the need of teaching and scientific research, to carry out all kinds of literature borrow in reading, retrieval, audio-visual and other services, the development of literature information resources, provide reference and information service.

NO、4 to carry out user education, reader guidance work, training readers to retrieve, use literature information skills

NO、5we should coordinate and coordinate the information work of the whole hospital, and establish a unified document resources guarantee system for the whole school

NO、6 subject to the overall layout, the construction of literature resources in national regions and countries, cooperation in the system of Library and information service to provide the literature information and the exchange, the implementation of resources sharing.

NO、7 constantly introduce new technology, update equipment, improve working conditions, and gradually implement business and management modernization, networking, digital

NO、8 strengthen the construction of the library team, carry out various forms of personnel learning and training in a planned way, and build a professional team of librarians with good ideological quality and high professional level

NO、9 complete the other tasks given by the president to the library