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Modern education technology center
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Deputy director: Zou Zhihong

Presided over the comprehensive work of modern education technology center

Network chief: Jia Yifeng

In charge of network security.

Chief: Wang Zhiqiang in charge of audio-visual audio-visual Department.

The main work of institutional responsibilities

NO、1 A school, responsible for the construction of "Digital Campus" and modern education technology development program planning, promotion of modern educational technology, organization, implementation and application of educational technology in teaching, to guide the work of the educational technology.

NO、2 responsible for the whole hospital modern education technology and information training, undertake college teaching tasks

NO、3 responsible for the planning and design, the campus network construction and acceptance, upgrading and operation management.

NO、4 responsible for the construction and maintenance of the website of Tongren University, and guide the construction of the two level website in the hospital

NO、5 responsible for the construction of network research and teaching resources

NO、6 responsible for the whole hospital audio-visual, multimedia courseware material library construction, production, introduction, management of various electronic audio and video materials

NO、7 compile the renewal and purchase plan of college educational technology and equipment, research and introduce educational technology, new equipment, new means, and assist in the ordering, installation and acceptance of educational technology equipment

NO、8 responsible for the campus network information security work, safety in operation and supervise the construction units to assist the online application system and database.

NO、9 responsible for the whole hospital teaching, scientific research and designated hospital level activities of video recording and post-processing work. To assist the college archives management department to do a good job of hospital level audio-visual archives collection, collation, filing and storage work

NO、10 to assist relevant departments to carry out the ideological and political quality, moral education and political affairs, and rich cultural life.

NO、11 complete other tasks assigned by the leadership of the hospital.