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Social services centre
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Director: Luo Jing

Office phone: 0856-5225098

Comprehensively presided over social service work, in charge of Social Service Center

Deputy director: Zhang Jie

Office Tel: 0856-5223307

Assist the director in the work, responsible for the unity, coordination and management of the school social service work

Main responsibilities of the organization:

NO、1 responsible for the unity, coordination and management of school social services. According to the overall development goals of the school and the needs of local economic and social development, the school and government, enterprises, industry cooperation planning and organization and Implementation

NO、2 formulate measures for the management of social services of Tongren University, the construction of social service mechanism, provide a guarantee for the development of the professional college to serve the local economic and social.

NO、3 develop the cooperation with the local communication channels, responsible for the signing and implementation of school and local exchanges and cooperation agreement, to assist professional college and local government, enterprise, industry signed a cooperation agreement, and cooperation on major projects tracking, coordination and supervision.

NO、4 actively create conditions for the professional colleges and local governments, enterprises, industries to build a platform for cooperation

NO、5 provide social services consulting services to the higher authorities, and with local governments, enterprises of professional schools, statistical cooperation industry, analysis and release of social service quality report.

NO、6 establish and perfect the social service files, do the filing work.