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Higher Education Research Center of TU holds its first academic salon
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 In the evening of September 20, the Higher Education Research Center of Fanjing Education Institute holds academic salon of higher education scientific research in 8302 meeting room of Administration Building. Professor Hou Changlin, leader of pedagogy discipline and President, Professor Luo Hongfang, team member and Vice President, Professor Luo Jing, team member, Professor Gong Jing, Associate Professor Ye Dan, Dr. Zou Zhiyong, Dr. Lai Quan, Dr. Lai Quan, Dr. Zeng Huawei as well as teachers dedicated to higher education scientific research of Tongren University, and some postgraduates jointly trained by Guizhou Normal University and Tongren University are present. The theme is defined as "logic of disciplinary knowledge and building of disciplinary paradigm".

Chen Changyun, pedagogy postgraduate of Guizhou Normal University gives a lecture on the salon, and shares perception concerning Logic of Disciplinary Knowledge and Building of Disciplinary Paradigm - Career-oriented Analysis of Discipline Construction in University, which has aroused reflection on such issues as disciplinary optimization criteria.

Hou Changlin expresses his unique and novel academic opinion on the issue of disciplinary construction rising from this salon.

Focusing on the theme, attendees express their opinions on such issues as disciplinary optimization criteria and disciplinary construction of application-oriented university, and discuss the issues lively from different perspectives.



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