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Intern-tutor appointment ceremony is held in Tongren No.1 Middle School
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 On the morning of September 21, the internship seminar for postgraduates jointly trained by Guizhou Normal University and Tongren University & intern-tutor appointment ceremony is held in the meeting room in 5F, Common Building, Tongren No.1 Middle School. Wang Jiafu, Vice President of Tongren University, Gong Jing, Dean of the Graduate School & Tutor of grade 2016 jointly trained postgraduates, Wang Liao, President & Intern-tutor of and intern-tutors Tongren No.1 Middle School, as well as tutors and intern-tutors of grade 2016 jointly trained postgraduates, and grade 2016 jointly trained postgraduates are present.

Wang Jiafu awards letter of appointment for intern-tutors of postgraduates to 12 tutors partly trained by Tongren No.1 Middle School. He looks back into the cooperation history of the two schools, and expects both to establish all-round close cooperation on a higher platform, achieve win-win and cultivate excellent educational talents for Guizhou.

Gong Jing introduces basic information, thesis requirements and internship arrangement of grade 2016 jointly trained postgraduates.

Wang Liao extends gratitude to Tongren University for its trust in Tongren No.1 Middle School in education, teaching and internship. He looks back into development history of Tongren No.1 Middle School and preparation made for the internship of jointly trained postgraduates, and proposes requirements for intern-tutors.








Graduate School (Written by: Ma Jun/Photographed by: Zhang Wang/Propaganda Department Edited by: Tan Yu/Reviewed by: Ye Dan)