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Flying Dream of the University is awarded the creation gold award
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 On August 31, the award ceremony of 2017 Selective Excellent Theatrical Performances and the First Theatrical Festival of Ethnic Minorities of Tongren hosted by the Propaganda Department of CPC Party committee of Tongren City, Ethnic and Religious Affairs Committee of Tongren City and Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting, Press and Publications of Tongren City in Wanshan Grand Theater comes to a successful conclusion. Wang Haiqing (deputy inspector of Economic Development Department of National Ethnic Affairs Commission), Chen Changxu (secretary to CPC Tongren Committee), Chen Daxin (director of Standing Committee of Tongren People’s Congress), Xu Fei, deputy director of Guizhou Provincial Ethnic Affairs Committee, Wu Sa (head of Special Planning Office of Comprehensive Development Planning Department of National Development and Reform Commission), Chen Daijun (member of Tongren Standing Committee and head of Organization Department), Xia Hong (member of Tongren Standing Committee and head of Propaganda Department), Liu Jie (former member of Tongren Standing Committee and former Propaganda Department) and the in-house leaders of four Tongren theatrical troupes attend the award ceremony. Luo Hongfang, member of the Party Committee of the University and vice president attends the award ceremony.

    In this Theatrical Festival, 13 participating teams from all districts and counties of Tongren, organs directly under city government, Tongren University, Tongren Polytechnic College and Tongren Preschool Education College present multiple ethnic minorities cultural feasts to Tongren people with splendid performances. The singing and dancing poem --- Flying Dream created by the University is performed by actors and actresses with passion on the stage through meticulous arrangement made by such teachers as Lu Hui, Tian Miao, Huang Li and Tan Wei. They are awarded the "creation award" of the theatrical festival with excellent marks at the first try.



《二月二—耍龙 》剧照.JPG

《六月六——夏锄 》.JPG

《七月七——秋收 》剧照.JPG

《八月八——尝新 》.JPG

《艺术节——传承 》.JPG


(Propaganda Department Prepared by: Tian Miao/Photographed by: Zhang Chaofei/Reviewed by: Ye Dan)