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TheTU holds the Second learning and education of "Two-Learn and One-Act"
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 On the afternoon of August 28, the Party Committee Center Group of the University holds the Second Seminar regarding the learning and education of  "Two-Learn and One-Act". The Seminar is themed by "Stress on politics by taking a clear-cut stand". Li Shuxin, secretary of CPC Tongren University Committee, Hou Changlin, deputy secretary of the Committee and president, Rao Xiaohua, deputy secretary of the Committee, Peng Jiqian, secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee, and Dai Liang, Luo Hongfang and Wang Jiafu, vice presidents of Tongren University, and all cadres above deputy-director-general-level of the University are present.

At the Seminar, Hou Changlin makes the seminar report themed by "Stress on politics by taking a clear-cut stand lies in responsibility and undertaking". Peng Jiqian, Dailiang, Luo Hongfang and Wang Jiafu make speeches on their respective work in combination with their learning experience. Rao Xiaohua, as a host, talks about some problems existing in colleges and universities reported by the People's Daily, and the understanding and experience of "Stress on politics by taking a clear-cut stand" combined with the practical work.

At the Seminar, Ye Dan (head of Propaganda Department), Wu Xiaoxue (secretary of the Branch Party Committee in the School of Economics and Management) and Liang Cheng'ai (associate librarian of the library) talk about their understanding and comprehension of the "Stress on politics by taking a clear-cut stand".

At the Seminar, Li Shuxin makes conclusions. He hopes that, all the Party members and cadres can place the stress on politics by taking a clear-cut stand, work diligently, forge ahead with determination, and have the courage for responsibilities with strict standards, higher requirements and more energetic drive, so as to make arduous efforts to achieve the vision of being renamed as a university.



(Propaganda Department Written by: Intern Zhang Dan/Photographed by Zhang Dongfang/Reviewed by: Ye Dan)