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Hou Changlin takes part in the provincial promotion meeting
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On July 12, the provincial promotion meeting on construction of ten innovation teams of philosophy and social science hosted by Philosophy and social science league of Guizhou Province is held in Guiyang. Bao Yukun, Liu Zongyan, Liu Fengquan, and Wu Qianbin, who are respectively secretary, vice president,  secretary-general and inspector of Guizhou federation of social science attend the meeting. Hou Changlin, the president, Luo Jing, director of Office of Development Planning, and Zhang Xuefei, director of Office of Scientific Research of the University take part in the meeting.

At the meeting, Luo Jing makes a speech on behalf of the ten innovation teams of philosophy and social science.

Bao Yukun and leaders of the ten  innovation teams of philosophy and social science hold signing ceremonies respectively. Hou Changlin signs on behalf of the local innovation team on transformation and development for university of "Tongren University".





(Submitted by Office of Academic Research/Propaganda Department Edited by: Zhang Chaofei/Reviewed by: Ye Dan)